For Retirement Plan Participants

Working with 401(k) Plans

We understand that 401(k) plans play an important role to both employers and their employees.  We believe that an effective way to support employers is by working with them to help their employees are receive financial education on their benefits and the resources needed to work towards a more solid financial future. 



Retirement Plan Services

Recruiting and retaining top talent can be a challenge for every business.  A retirement plan could be a powerful benefit for attracting and keeping great employees.  All retirement plans are different and finding the right plan to match each client’s goals may help contribute to their success. 

We know that there are a lot of retirement plans out there and that as your needs change, the type of retirement plan that suits you may also change.  Our team can help provide support needed for your retirement plan needs.

We are also committed to providing an excellent client experience to your employees at every level of your company.



Retirement Plan Support

We approach 401(k) plans by working with employers to better support employees by providing financial education and the resources needed to work towards building a more successful financial future. 

We believe that it is important for each participant to meet individually with us so that we can help them craft a plan tailored to their individual needs. We take the time to meet with clients and really get to know them.  So, we can better understand what resources they have available and what goals they are working towards. 

We believe that understanding the needs of our clients is the foundation to building a customized financial plan that will help them work towards greater financial stability.  We strive to provide our clients with the tools needed to plan their financial future.  Moreover, when participants call our office, they receive personal attention from one of our team members.  This enables us to deepen our relationship with each individual to help ensure they are making financial decisions designed to further their goals.



Transitioning to a Retirement Strategy

We believe it is important to help participants transition to a retirement strategy that works for them upon a job change or retirement.   There are several options to consider when an individual changes jobs or retires and we believe it is important to educate them on the pros and cons of each option, which we have briefly outlined below:


Rollover IRA

A rollover IRA can be a strategy that provides a broader range of investment options and the convenience of having your assets in one place.

  • We will perform a review of your investment portfolio and come up with a customized plan to suit your individual needs.
  • You will have access to a wide variety of investment options – we work with you to ensure that the option you choose will help provide you with your goals.
  • By consolidating your assets in one place, you can easily monitor and manage your investments.  In addition, we will provide account reviews as often as you desire to help ensure that your goals are being met.

We also realize that a rollover IRA might not make sense in all circumstances and it is important for you to understand both the benefits and disadvantages of a rollover IRA.


  • Your retirement investments will remain in a tax deferred account
  • You will avoid taxes or penalties associated with a withdrawal
  • A broad range of investment options will become available to you


  • You will no longer be able to borrow against your assets
  • Typically can't withdraw before age 59 1/2
  • Annual fees and/or commissions on a rollover IRA may be higher than the plan fees

Leave in your current plan

If you are happy with your current investment selections, leaving your 401(k) in the current plan may be an option.  However, it is important to point out that this may not be allowed under your current plan.  All retirement plans are different, and some plans will not allow for inactive participants to remain in the plan for the long term.

  • Advantage – you may be happy with your investment options in your plan.
  • Disadvantage – limited investment options and inability to take a loan against an inactive 401(k).


Roll over assets to a new plan

If you simply changed jobs, you may have the ability the rollover your existing 401(k) to your new employer’s plan.  If you are interested in this option, you will need to reach out to your new employer’s plan and confirm if they will allow rollovers of an existing 401(k).

  • Advantage – keeping all your assets together.  Rolling the assets to a new employer’s plan does not create a taxable event.
  • Disadvantage – limited investment options   


Cash Out

Cashing out of the 401(k) is an option when you have changed jobs or retirement.  This option will cause a taxable event as well as the loss of investing potential.  If you are under 59 ½ you may also face an additional 10% penalty on top of the income taxes withheld. 







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